Why I’m Running

I am a life-long resident of York County with a background in business.  As a former part owner of a Southern Maine food brokerage company serving northern New England, I saw first-hand how government policies can help, or hinder, entrepreneurs.  Later, while serving on the Wells Comprehensive Planning Committee and the Planning Board, I saw how state government wasn’t responsive to the challenges faced by average Maine families.  In 1998, after talking it over with my wife, Linda, and our two children, I ran for the Maine House of Representatives to keep York County always at the forefront.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have served in the Maine House, but I think government has lost sight of purpose once again.  I’m running for the State Senate to make sure our York County concerns are addressed, and to fight for the real reforms that will get Maine back on track to become the Opportunity State we know it can be.